Web design provides the backbone that your website needs to stand above the competition. In an online marketplace where thousands of businesses are targeting the same demographic, the front-end must present an appealing view to encourage people to buy. Aesthetics are not the only thing that you have to consider, however, when you delve into web design. Your virtual storefront should also be responsive and functional to grant a satisfactory customer experience.

Marketing theProduct ensures that you successfully address your target audience’s needs for a website that is simple and easy-to-navigate, as well as attractive and responsive. As your trusted Sunshine Coast web design company, we employ a consultative process that strikes a balance between meeting all of your preferences while giving your consumers what they need. Our customised solutions also include helping you turn your website into a medium that acquires traffic and encourages sales by sharing it on social media.

Why Your Website Needs Social Media Optimization

Complementing your Sunshine Coast website design with social media optimization is highly recommended for success. comScore states that one in six minutes on the Internet is spent on websites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. As such, a website that is unbeknownst to the millions of users who are actively using these platforms loses on the potential to convert these users into paying customers, and build a stronger business name.

Going social also means cashing in on the rewards that amplification offers. The networks that social platforms command are incredibly effective at furthering your marketing efforts, and bringing you to an even bigger circle. The more people like and share your posts, the higher you go up consumers’ radar; you will find that many of them will even take on your advertising needs for you.

Social media also influence people’s purchasing decisions. Having a post shared or liked is tantamount to expecting profit, as mirrored by 38% of the shopping habits of Facebook users. These social actions serve as personal recommendations, and friends listen to friends.

Marketing theProduct will feature your website prominently on your social media accounts so that your target audience is easily connected to a complete listing of your business offerings. We also maintain your profiles, posting custom content that is suited to your audience’s culture.
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