There continues to be an increasing number of mobile Internet users. Thanks to the convenience it offers, mobile usage is set to outpace desktop internet browsing soon. As industry leaders like Google work on these developments, Sunshine Coast businesses are also encouraged to make their websites mobile-ready.

With people constantly on the go, they tend to use their mobile devices more often to browse the web. This includes the time when they do research on product or service that they need to buy. If your website is not designed for mobile, you will most likely lose the opportunity to make a sale.

Responsive Web Design

A website with responsive design can serve both desktop and mobile users with the same HTML, with its changing capability incorporated into its CSS. Marketing theProduct offers web design for Sunshine Coast businesses and develops responsive websites that allow pages to load perfectly on all devices of all screen sizes, without the need to change the HTML for each, or to create another mobile website separately.

Great Reasons to be Mobile Ready

Based on a study by Sterling Research and SmithGeiger for Google, 96% of users still find sites that are not designed for mobile, where:

  • 52% are unlikely to engage with a company whose had a bad mobile experience on their site
  • 36% feel a non-mobile-friendly site wastes users’ time, and
  • 67% of users are more likely to purchase when the site is mobile friendly

These reasons only make it imperative to get responsive web design for your Sunshine Coast business. Here are specific benefits that your business can enjoy with Marketing theProduct:

  • A single, mobile-responsive website makes it easier for Google to index your pages. This helps you gain more visibility and exposure online, and allows consumers to find you first before your competitors.
  • While implementing responsive design is a significant investment, it’s more cost-effective in the long run. With studies forecasting the steady upsurge of mobile use, businesses can expect a larger return on investment in the years to come.
  • With responsive design, businesses can target both desktop and mobile users with ease. This eliminates the need to develop and maintain two websites and ensures that you reach your target market effectively.

While responsive website design is being adapted by a growing number of businesses worldwide, it is still relatively new and continuously developing. It is important to work with experts that have extensive experience and expertise in website design and configuration, to ensure that your business obtains all the advantages that responsive design offers.

Our team at Marketing theProduct offers businesses in Sunshine Coast web design services to help you build a powerful website that will reinforce and deliver results for your online marketing efforts.