Marketing theProduct offers a complete suite of services for web design to Sunshine Coast small and medium-sized businesses. While we can create a fantastic-looking, mobile responsive website for you, very few will know it exists without search engine optimisation and our complete online marketing services. Together with our Social Media Optimisation services, your marketing campaign will definitely be complete and effective in building your brand and acquiring more customers.

Statistics show that social media optimisation is an important strategy that must be included in any online marketing campaign. Your business’ target audience is most likely engaged in some form of social media, be it on the most popular networking site Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, among other networking sites.

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Growing Your Customer Base Exponentially

What makes social media an effective marketing method is the fact that it gives you exponential results for a relatively minimal investment. With 67% of all Internet users engaging in social media for a least one minute out of every six, the potential for having your products or services noticed and your brand established is tremendous.

If you engage one potential customer on Facebook for example, that one person can like your page and share it to 10 of his friends. These 10 friends might then share it to 10 more of their friends, and so on. Your business reaches more prospects this way, and the attention as well as the engagement to your products or services are amplified. With good social media optimisation, your business’ social account can have thousands of likes which can turn into leads and convert to sales.

Marketing theProduct’s online marketing campaign understands the buying cycle in traditional marketing. First, you produce awareness, and then interest, desire, action, loyalty, and finally, advocacy for your product or service. The connections that you make through Facebook can then branch out to other social media networks like Twitter and Google+, and the many others. This cycle can go on as long as your account engages customers and is updated with regular posts.

Going Social

While it may seem that all you have to do is make a Facebook page or Twitter account, and start posting or tweeting, Social Media Optimisation isn’t quite that simple. Various techniques and strategies are utilised to ensure that the campaign successfully achieves the company’s goals.
In this type of campaign, creating content – whether written or visual – and gaining authority in the business you are in are also very important. Marketing theProduct can manage your campaign to optimise your brand and products for the best results.

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