Websites come in different formats and serve a variety of purposes. Among other things, they function as virtual store fronts and venues through which businesses market their own products and/or services. Corporate websites, however, need to be carefully built with users’ needs in mind to attract customers and drive up sales.

A Small Business Trends article published last November 19, 2014 offers several tips on how business owners can improve online traffic. The article’s suggestions focus mostly on improving site accessibility in terms of helping users find their way around. To ensure the best outcome, businesses can turn to a professional marketing firm that offers web design in the Sunshine Coast—such as Marketing theProduct, for instance.

Effective Web Design - Effective Web Design in the Sunshine Coast: Tips for Local Businesses

Some visual changes to a website can improve the way visitors view and navigate their way through it. Consequently, website owners need to pay close attention to elements such as visual hierarchy (i.e. the placement of design elements according to importance), focal points, and the overall layout. Ultimately, no matter how well-written the content happens to be, it will all go to waste if components such as accessibility and organization leave much to be desired.

Good web design must also go in tandem with quality content. To this end, a website with an integrated blog section provides customers more reasons to return—provided the blog gets updated on a regular basis. A website’s structure could also use some changes as a way to better serve specific customer needs. In particular, a website should not only be accessible through any PC but should also be optimised for a wide range of mobile devices to ensure a seamless browsing experience.

Although web design forms only part of a company’s overall marketing approach, it serves a crucial function nonetheless. After all, it helps get the attention of potential customers, creates a good first impression, and enables them to find the information they need without any difficulty. Businesses that could use a boost in website traffic and better online visibility should hire a Sunshine Coast web design company with a portfolio of satisfied clients—such as Marketing theProduct, for instance.

(Source: Web Design Tips for Beginners to Drive Traffic to Your Website,, Nov. 19, 2014)