An article on the Brisbane Times dated January 22, 2014 discusses how companies can inject a little modern technology into their businesses. Internet marketing’s long and influential reach, in particular, is something no business can afford to ignore. On the subject of Web marketing, the article has this practical tip to share:

“Hire a part time student for social media: A great way to get various parts of your technology sorted is by hiring a student from a university or TAFE.

For example, if you wanted to set up a new Facebook page or Twitter account, you could post on university and TAFE job boards that you’re looking for a “marketing or advertising student that wants to get into digital”.

They’d be someone that wants 10 or so hours per week pocket money and a glowing reference when they graduate.

After going through your standard hiring processes and screening, this person can then take the pressure off setting up and managing the complex parts of social media. This would also work with web design and content management.”

Young and tech-savvy employees can indeed bring something fresh and exciting to the table. Yet while the cost-saving prospects may prove attractive, businesses need to be more serious about constructing a compelling website and should be willing to invest in professional web design in the Sunshine Coast. A trusted company like Marketing theProduct can help businesses command a strong online presence through the kind of web design that delivers great visuals and a great site navigation experience with search engine optimisation and other online marketing techniques.

new ways to staff the technology in your business - On Site, In Sight: On Creating Proper Web Design in the Sunshine Coast

The layout, content, and overall design of a website shouldn’t be left in the hands of a raw recruit if a business hopes to attract more customers online. Instead, one should do the smart thing and enlist a Sunshine Coast web design expert for optimum results.

(Source: New ways to staff the technology in your business,, January 22, 2014)