With the increasingly mobile nature of Internet browsing, as can be seen by the spread of tablets and smartphones, responsive web design is becoming a required feature of any company’s webpage. As an example, Small Business Trends writer Drew Hendricks emphasised the increasing importance of responsive web design in increasing Internet traffic to a site by highlighting the rising rate of mobile usage:

If you have responsive design, your website becomes capable of automatically retracting and expanding according to the screen size of the computer, tablet, or smartphone being used.


According to recent analytics, the average website received 40 percent of its traffic from mobile users in 2013. This number had doubled since the year before. It seems only likely to increase into the future. With more than 60 percent of mobile users in the United States currently carrying smartphones, these devices are fast becoming the primary method of Internet usage.

This growth in mobile traffic will only increase as time passes. This is why any company hired to do web design for Sunshine Coast companies should recommend implementing it. There are also a couple of additional benefits to going for responsive website design.

why your company should be using responsive design - Responsive Web Design for Sunshine Coast Businesses is the Best Option

Google Likes It

First, any Sunshine Coast website design service worth its salt, like Marketing theProduct, knows that Google prefers responsive websites. This is important mainly because the search engine giant holds a whopping 67 percent of the world’s search market share. If you want your product or service noticed by people, Google is your main venue. There are several reasons for Google’s preference for responsive design. First, it’s easier for Google’s bots to crawl. Second, a single website is easier to index instead of multiple ones for different platforms.

Better User Experience

Finally, responsive websites adapt to a user’s screen automatically; this means a site will have everything available to a browser without any scrolling or screen resizing. This is important because having a visitor jump through hoops to learn more frustrates them and makes them leave, which is something you don’t want. Additionally, responsive web design helps websites load faster, another factor that improves a person’s user experience.

(Source: Why Your Company Should Be Using Responsive Design, Small Business Trends, August 7, 2014)