Websites are generally the first point of contact between businesses and their potential clients. When a person is looking for a product or service, they will go to search engines and type in their keywords. The search engine will generate several websites that are likely to help the client. As such, the Sunshine Coast website design marketer you hire should use appropriate techniques to push this agenda.

web design technique - Web Design Techniques for Improving SEO’s Ability to Increase Ranking

Incorporate Primary SEO Elements

One way of making your website rank higher is by incorporating basic SEO principles. The Sunshine Coast web design expert should, however, not sacrifice design and creativity just to retain the elements. If the two are not used well, the website may become boring in the long run.

Do Not use Images and Flash as Text

Web crawlers that normally index websites can only read text, and this means that they cannot analyse images or flash files. It is ok for people to use them as add-ons but they are not dependable when it comes to pushing websites on search engines. To be on the safe side, you should use text-based content.

Use of Sitemaps

A sitemap is instrumental as far as site navigation is concerned. It works by making it easier for clients to find each page while reducing the clicks needed for web crawlers and users to get their desired content. Some sitemaps go a step further and list the pages of a website and the last dates they were amended. When sites are submitted to a search engine, these detailed sitemaps help to locate them. They then assist in linking searches to the content on the site.

Optimise Site Meta Tags

Meta tags play the important role of providing a summary of a particular website. They are essentially what readers will see when the pages appear on search listings. It is, therefore, vital to make them as enticing and functional as possible.

Post Relevant Content

When it comes to optimization, content also plays a key role and should, therefore, be of the best quality. To achieve quality and relevance, you should use targeted keywords, alt tags and meta tag information. While keywords are important, you should not use too many of them as to annoy visitors and send them away.

A good website designer such as MarketingtheProduct can help ensure that your website is optimised in the best way possible using the aforementioned techniques.

(5 Web Design Techniques to Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly,


5 Web Design Techniques to Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly,