Search engine optimisation strategies have evolved over the years, but the main idea behind them remains: visibility is key. To successfully drive business growth, a company must first reach its audience. For that to happen, it must be seen.

link building - Link Building: An Integral SEO Practice to Increase Website Visibility

Getting seen online is no easy feat. It is the product of several efforts in different arenas to give a website the qualities rewarded by both search engines and users. One of these efforts is link building, an old school principle that has gone through a few makeovers to continue being a relevant determinant of online visibility. Professionals in the field of SEO services will advise you to modernize and strengthen your link building strategies for the best results.

Why Links Still Matter

Search engines treat links as indicators of a site’s popularity and relevance, where the more references a link gets, the more popular, and therefore more relevant, it is. Now, with social media as the primary propeller of clicks and visits, link building is even more powerful than it once was.

Factors that Affect Quality of Links

The trend, however, has shifted from quantity to quality, as search engines are more discerning of where the links are found and how they are distributed, among other factors. It is a requirement for you to know what constitutes good links before you start using them.


Trust is everything during a link building exercise. Some sites are more trustworthy than others, and a link from or to these sites will weigh more heavily in popularity and relevance points. Citing and linking to these sites, as well as being linked to from these sites indicates that your content contributes to the overall knowledge base on the topic. This also shows search engines that the link is of high quality.

Anchor Text

Anchor text can also mean a lot of difference when it comes to the quality of links. The keywords that a site has in its content will help determine how strong it is. Good anchor text adds to the relevance of a link and makes it easier for search engines to relate the page or the site to queries.

Local Links

Localised links tend to give your site relevance and credibility. If you have a local business, it helps if you can get links that are local as well. Likewise, linking to other credible local business sites will have an excellent effect on rankings.

Link building will continue to be integral to SEO, so you can’t leave it out of your online marketing strategy. The expert assistance of a Sunshine Coast online marketing firm will give you access to the fruits of link building done right.


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