Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a delicate process: on one hand, you want your website to rank highly on organic search results, while on the other hand, you also want content that is legible and relevant to the interests of your site’s visitors. It can be difficult to strike a balance between the two, but many experts would stress that content needs to favour users more. Even something as technical as link building needs to spare some consideration for the visitors who could use the information they find on a website.

SEO - SEO Services in the Sunshine Coast Help You Serve Customers Better

A Search Engine Land article dated December 9, 2014 shares tips on how webmasters can create useful links with customers in mind. The article emphasises, among other things, that unnatural and awkward links with very little in relation to the business might garner high search engine rankings but ultimately leave visitors feeling disappointed at not being directed to the answers they want. To this end, an online marketing company such as Marketing theProduct provides SEO services in the Sunshine Coast that enable businesses to enhance their current websites and better serve their customers.

Users should always be the main focus of a business website’s content; after all, it is they who need the information the most, not search engines. Things such as relevant content, daily updates, and list-based layouts can be incredibly handy for users who need real answers quick. Judicious use and spread of keywords is also recommended, as oft-repeated key phrases can stand out like sore thumbs to most users. Even featured links in the content should be integrated properly through hyperlinked words instead of being mere “click here” insertions.

While these SEO strategies do not sound like much, users will genuinely appreciate such changes. After all, businesses are trying to sell their products and/or services to customers, not search engines. In the end, it is all about providing users with a satisfactory online customer experience. Businesses that are as yet unsure about how to improve the online experience for their customers might want to tap the services of a marketing firm that provides outstanding SEO in the Sunshine Coast.

(Source: To Create Useful Links, Think Like A User, Not A Content Producer,, Dec. 9, 2014)