An article on The Guardian website dated January 6, 2014 discusses the two most powerful weapons in a Web marketer’s arsenal: search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media. Businesses can’t ignore the power social media now commands, and should find ways to integrate this ubiquitous platform with existing SEO strategies. The article offers the following insights regarding the latest developments in online marketing:

The best digital marketing strategy includes both SEO and social media. They are not alternatives

SEO has changed. It is no longer just about links and keywords, but strong content and web design

Social media has a key role in winning customer trust and recommendations, which plays a strong part in purchase decisions

Effective marketing to mobile users is critical, and means a mobile site as well as exploring the potential of apps and location-based marketing

Although the Google+ social media site cannot compete with Facebook, it is important because of its influence in search ranking

Online marketing doesn’t stop at creating a website. A complete Web experience needs to be crafted in order to entice, inform, and retain visitors long enough to convert them into paying customers. To this end, businesses can turn to professional SEO services in the Sunshine Coast to better tailor their websites to target audiences.

choose your weapon seo or social media - Using Effective and Smart SEO Services for Sunshine Coast Businesses

Given that customers find their way to websites by way of search engines, every business website must, therefore, be made as visible as possible. This goal entails building website content around relevant keywords that target consumers are likely to type on search fields.

In any case, search engines have now grown a lot smarter since. Simply peppering webpages with keywords is no longer considered good practice; in fact, websites that still adhere to this method may incur the ire of search engines. To keep up with ever-evolving search engine algorithms, businesses would do well to collaborate with a Sunshine Coast SEO expert such as Marketing theProduct.

(Source: Choose your weapon: SEO or social media?, The Guardian, January 6, 2014)