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If Your Website Isn’t on the First Page of Google,

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Want to Find Out How Your Website is Doing?

The best way to find out more about your website’s SEO & Search Engine Ranking is to request our FREE SEO Report. It will show you:

FREE Keyword Research: (valued at over $150)

  • 100+ exact search phrases your targeted audience are are using when looking for your products and services.
  • How your website currently ranks against these search phrases (your SERP Ranking).
  • Finding the right keywords – our SEO Specialists give you expert advice on which keywords they believe you need to be targeting to provide your business with the best chance of success.

FREE SEOrank & Website Grader Report: (valued at over $50)

  • As an added bonus, we also provide you with an overview report (often around 6 pages long) of how Search Engine ‘Friendly’ your website is, and how well it ranks globally on the web.
  • This report also includes hints and advise on how you can improve your overall ‘SEO Score’.

FREE Competition Analysis: (valued at over $300)

  • “To know thy enemy is to know thy self”: We take your SERP Rankings and compare them with your top two competitors for you.
  • See how they rank against those search phrases in both Google and Google Maps (Google Places) as well.

TOTAL Value: Over $500.00 Inc. GST

TOTAL COST: Absolutely FREE!

“My 3rd sale for the day from our website came through my email – I never thought I could capture placements higher than my entire competitors on so many keyword phrases!”
Dolph, Biochar Project
“Our business has increased and is increasing with your help … Everything gets done with such efficiency.”
Dale, Boutique of Cosmetic Dermatology

Register or Call 07 5370 2400 to Signup For Your Free SEO Report
Valued @ Over $500.00

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Free Signup

How do I know if my website is reaching my customers on Google?

By proper analysis of your website’s SERP Ranking.

“Awesome! So… What in the world is a SERP?”

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S.E.R.P. stands for:
Search Engine Results Page

Your SERP Ranking is another way of saying “where are you listed on Google when people search for your products and services?”.

Analysing your SERP Results is about finding out if the relevant phrases your potential clients are using when looking for you on Google are showing your website, or if all that business is going to your competitors instead.

By researching what the ‘real world’ search terms your target audience are actually using when they’re looking for ‘what it is you do’ (hairdressing, builder, etc.), it’s only by understanding what “SERP Rankings” your business currently has that we can compare the two properly.

This allows us to plan the best way to optimise your website to achieve a better (i.e. first page) rankings on Google where you need them: ensuring your website receives more traffic, properly reaches your targeted audience, generates more qualified leads, and ultimately… makes you more sales!

How the Free Report Works:

Once we’ve received your application, we’ll feed your details through our system and generate your report in three phases.

  • Phase One: Generating your SEOrank & Website Grader Report is the first stage of the process. We’ll normally have this through to you within 24 hours.
  • Phase Three: Once the research is complete (normally takes a few days), we’ll prepare your SERP Rankings report and send it through to you, along with a range of recommendations as to what to do next.
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Where We Go From There (optional):

After you’ve received your report, there are a wide range of options as to how we can proceed, although much of these will depend heavily on the sort of online marketing campaign that you’re looking at for your business (SEO &/or PPC Marketing). We offer a wide range of SEO services in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, and can customise an online campaign according to your marketing needs and budget.

If you are looking at using an existing website for your campaign, we also strongly advise having our SEO Specialists perform an in-depth analysis of your website’s coding, design, and content to ensure that everything on your website is SEO friendly (and that nothing on your site is causing a ranking ‘penalty’ within Google).

This helps make sure your site is able to fully handle all the traffic good SEO & Online Marketing will create!

“Our website is now performing much better in Google thanks largely to the work and advice you have given us.”
Alan Purvis, Criss Cross Creations


With packages ranging from a few hundred to several thousand per month, we have a solution to match every need, every target, and every budget. Contact us online or call (07) 5370 2400 for more info.

If you’re looking to get an in-depth view of the visitors your website is receiving, what they are doing, and where they are going, Marketing theProduct can also assist with setting up powerful visitor tracking information on your website as well. Once configured, it can provide:

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  • The number of genuine visitors to your website including how long they stay on the website and how many pages they view.

Important in deciding if your website content is relevant to your visitors.

  • The source of website traffic and if it comes from Search Engines, Direct links or referring sites such as Directories.

Helps in planning for multiple marketing channels – ensuring you are getting a great mix of sources for website visitors (Never rely on only one traffic source!)

  • The geographical areas for your visitors.

Identify marketing efforts that need to be redistributed, or even block certain languages or countries which are not in your targeted demographics.

  • Even discover which web browsers and mobile devices your customers are using.

Invaluable in evaluating how important mobile compatibility is for your clients, and what functionality may need to be modified.

Sound like something you would be interested in? Make sure to mention “visitor tracking” in the notes section of the form below!

To signup for our Free SEO Report or for more on setting up detailed visitor tracking,
CONTACT OUR TEAM on (07) 5370 2400.