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Your Google Ranking is like being on “The Bachelor”,

– You either finish 1st, or go home alone.

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We Are Your Sunshine Coast SEO Company:

OK, talking about things like SEO and web traffic probably makes it sound more like “Beauty and the Geek” than “The Bachelor“, but as specialists in Search Engine Optimisation, we help ensure that when you’re “perfect match” clients are searching for the services you offer, we can make sure that it’s your website they find first.

As the Sunshine Coast’s Web Design & Development Specialists, Marketing theProduct we are fully equipped to help your business take the greatest advantage of the latest proven SEO strategies and techniques – ensuring that your website is the one that gets found amongst the sea of competitors vying for your customers.

Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) is essential for the continued growth of your business online.

By working with our team of dedicated SEO Experts, we can deliver the results you want, to get the business you need, at a price you can afford.

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Why can’t I find my website when I search in Google?

Question Man w440 h225 - Sunshine Coast Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)The reality of it is that if your website hasn’t been designed and developed to maximise the implementation of Search Engine Optimization, then you can spend a lot of money advertising it with little or no ROI.

Marketing theProduct is a Professional Sunshine Coast SEO Company with skilled staff who specialize in optimizing websites.

Our staff are leaders in maximising the impact your website can have with Search Engines – ensuring customers are able to find your business quickly, easily, and ahead of the competition. Through a combination of ‘onsite’ optimisation such as configuring special search engine ‘meta data’; building self-updating sitemap files; and incorporating relevant up to date information into your website, images and other website content; as well as ‘offsite’ optimisation such as link building and reputation management – Marketing theProduct will get your website noticed.

Marketing to Search Engines is about being found with relevant content in the appropriate pages within your website, and properly explaining that to the Search Engine’s ‘robots’.  With all the terminology out there, there is little wonder that the DIY jobs fall well short of achieving acceptable SEO results.

Professional website building incorporates the use of SEO techniques ‘from the ground up’ which ensure that the website foundation built using solid Search Engine Optimisation techniques. We then help you take this further by providing a scalable, cost effective SEO & Marketing Campaign to help build traffic, generate leads, and make you sales.

Sunshine Coast SEO Company

Learn why websites designed and managed by Marketing theProduct are constantly ranking on the first and second pages in online searches for their targeted keywords.

As a leading Sunshine Coast SEO Company, we can build and implement incredibly effective SEO Management Programs so that your website is constantly being updated with Search Engines, and can even teach you how you can expand this further by also playing a part in optimizing your website as well.

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Call 07 5370 2400 or Complete This Form to discover how SEO is a match made in heaven for your business!

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“Thank you for my wonderful website. We get so many compliments about it from our valued clients.”
Dale, Boutique of Cosmetic Dermatology

Your Website SEO & Online Marketing Plan

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So, you know you need good Search Engine Optimization for your Business, but what next?

Well, you’re in the right place: Great Website Search Engine Optimization starts with a Great SEO Team, and that’s why you need Marketing theProduct.

Of course, this all sounds simple enough in theory, but… How do we do this?

Marketing theProduct builds your Business’s online presence by systematically working through everything from the planning, implementation, and ongoing management: we take away the confusion, and we give you back real results!

Some of the ways we accomplish this include:

  • Our detailed keyword & competition analysis will help identify the relevant and effective keywords and target markets for your website.
  • By completing a detailed website audit, our staff work out the best way to integrate keywords into your website, as well as highlight any other necessary changes required to ensure your campaign will work as effectively as possible.
  • Through consistent content updates, ensure your website always has new and fresh information for Search Engines to index.
  • With advanced off-site content distribution and link building techniques, we help build the online authority for your business.
  • Regular reporting and feedback helps keep you ‘in the loop’, making sure everything is working as it should.
“Thank you for a magnificent, clean job with no hassles. You explained everything so that I could follow it. You increased enquires for stock, staff, joint venture offers and partnerships and I didn’t even have the shop open yet.”
John, Food By Nature
“Our website is now performing much better in Google thanks largely to the work and advice you have given us.”
Alan Purvis, Criss Cross Creations

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Call 07 5370 2400 or Complete This Form to discover how SEO is a match made in heaven for your business!

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Get Started

It sounds simple, but in the end, it all starts with one question:

What is it that you are trying to achieve from your website?

Successful SEO is more than just words and web links – the campaign needs to accurately reflect and represent your business. When creating a website, your website SEO (search engine optimization) is just as important as your site’s look and feel.

To ensure that Marketing theProduct are on the same wavelength as you, we will sit down with you – generally for about an hour – to work through our informative Website Development & SEO Strategy Form, through which we learn about your business and find out how you connect with your customers.

Together we can work through the details of what you need from your new website SEO and development.

This process doesn’t just help us to learn about you, it helps you learn about you.

By ensuring your business’s marketing plan is properly aligned with the direction of the business, you can be sure that your online marketing is on message and on track to delivering the best possible results.

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You can get started right now though: our complete marketing brief is avaliable online right here.

It is important that your website becomes a true ‘Business Asset‘, not just a ‘Business Expense‘:

From the entry level to large scale Search Engine Domination, Marketing theProduct on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland can offer you a tailored Online Marketing Campaign that can adapt, scale, and evolve to meet your client’s objectives.

The information you provide us with will become the foundation for the quotation, design, development and deployment of your new Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

Call 07 5370 2400 or Complete This Form to discover how SEO is a match made in heaven for your business!

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“My 3rd sale for the day from our website came through my email!”
Dolph, Biochar Project

What are you waiting for?

We really want to help make sure you get the right SEO & Online Marketing Campaign for your business, which is why you’ll also receive an incredible Comprehensive SEO & Keyword Ranking Report Pack just for signing up.

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– Seriously, It’s All Yours. No Strings Attached –

(more details on free SEO Report Pack here!)

Not a fan of paperwork? We’ve got you covered!
Just give our team a call on (07) 5370 2400 and we’ll get the ball rolling for you.

By using the Sunshine Coast’s leading Website SEO services, some of our clients have more than ‘just’ multiple first page rankings on Google for their different keywords…

Some of our clients’ keywords have also unlocked multiple listings on that first page – with some securing as much as three, four, or even five of the results on the first page of Google for their targeted keyword (Yes! That’s the potential for up to half the ‘top ten results’ just talking about YOUR business!).

Start Your New SEO Campaign Now:

Complete our SEO Project Brief online or call our office on (07) 5370 2400 to discuss your website needs:

More Visitors >> More Leads >> More Sales >> More Profit!

Marketing theProduct – Sunshine Coast SEO & Online Marketing Experts

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